CLEAR CHECK is a trusted, reliable and valued service, led by regulatory experts with many years of experience.

CLEAR CHECK runs a series of informal CLEAR CHECK CHATS webinars, based on the guidance notes that they write.

These sessions run for 60 minutes and are split into two halves. In the first 30 minutes, a member of the CLEAR CHECK team will share a presentation and discuss, in-depth, the regulations around the guidance note – this part will be recorded and previous CHATS are available to view in the Webinars & Events section of the website. In the second 30 minutes of the webinar, we stop the recording and encourage members to ask any questions on the subject and presentation. 

This is a fabulous opportunity to meet the CLEAR CHECK team, regulatory peers and experts within the industry to discuss and brainstorm any issues or concerns you are currently experiencing. 

The CLEAR CHECK Guidance notes are a constant source of next-level information for all seeking insight into the regulatory framework. They are available to download for members in the Guidance notes section on this website. They are a one-stop ‘go to’ for important regulatory information around natural health products and marketing copy.

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Join us on 19th March at 2 pm, for the informal and relaxed regulatory run-through of Food Supplements: Ingredients List and Product Information Layout