We are proud to announce our new initiative www.healthydoesit.org which is widely supported by other industry stakeholders. It’s been a major undertaking and a huge achievement.

We’ve been so encouraged by the positive response that we’ve had from so many people within our industry, most notably the National Association of Health Stores and the Health Food Institute. With their help, we’ve created a site that aims to educate and inform the consumer about natural approaches to health, and to drive footfall into health stores.

The HFMA’s Executive Director, Graham Keen says: “The UK natural products industry is a national success story, helping millions of people to lead healthier lives. The government gave priority status to high street health stores during lock-down in recognition of the level of expertise available in-store, and the fact that natural health products have increasingly been recognised as playing a key role in keeping the nation healthy. HealthyDoesIt aims to educate consumers about the effectiveness of self-care using natural products. And supporting your local health food store also helps to keep your local community healthy and thriving too.”

Take a look: www.HealthyDoesIt.org


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