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HFMA Mission

As the authoritative voice of the natural health industry, the HFMA supports the interests of its members with legislators and regulators; promotes industry best practice for product quality and safety; and provides responsible information for consumers.

CLEAR CHECKô Review Procedure

The material submitted is reviewed by a Code Administrator for compliance with the principles of the Code of Advertising Practice, with reference to:

  • the relevant labelling or advertising regulations
  • the terms of the marketing authorisation or product licence, where applicable
  • Government and Industry guidelines
  • other relevant codes of practice

Advice on any required/recommended alterations is then provided. Where available, the Code Administrator will provide guidelines and checklists on subjects relevant to the material submitted. In the case of issues not clearly defined in the regulations, current industry practice and the current approach of the authorities are taken into account to determine the suitability of a proposal.

Note the following areas are outside the scope of the Code and are not routinely considered as part of the review:

  • accuracy and efficacy of formulation, except in relation to appropriateness of claims
  • the safety of ingredients and the finished product
  • the accuracy of declared quantities in the final product
  • the accuracy of GM status claims and other negative-presence claims
  • the determination of novel ingredient/food status
  • the content of any referenced websites, publications or similar


Agreement and the Review Stamp
When agreement has been reached on a suitable copy, two copies of the final format are sent to the CLEAR CHECK™ office. One is returned stamped with a reference number and the other is retained by the Code Administrator for record purposes.

The review stamp conveys compliance with the principles of the HFMA Code of Advertising Practice and is provided based on current scientific opinion and current regulatory and industry practice. Until a body of case law has been built up to form the basis of an authoritative statement, advice on the law and application of the regulations can be given as an informed opinion only.

The review stamp does not constitute an endorsement or approval of the product or services offered and is not a guarantee of the legality of the product. It remains the responsibility of the manufacturer/ supplier to ensure that the product placed on the market meets its claims.

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