Guidelines and helpnotes are compiled by CLEAR CHECK and the Advisers of the HFMA as an aid to understanding the requirements of relevant legislation.

Guidelines Available to Non-Members:

Guidelines Available to HFMA Members:

  • Allergen labellinghfma clearcheck logo
  • Best practice standard for food supplements providing bacterial strains
  • Calculation of vitamins EC Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims
  • Composition of food supplements
  • Contaminants in food supplements
  • EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation
  • Flavourings, definitions, use of natural
  • Food additives categories, FIC Annex VII Part C
  • Food labelling
  • Food labelling versus food supplement labelling
  • Food law definitions (selection)
  • Food supplements, claims
  • Food supplements, consumer advertising reminders
  • Food supplements ingredients listing & product information layout
  • Food supplements labelling
  • Foods for sportspeople
  • Foods with added vitamins, minerals & other substances
  • Free from claims
  • GM Free & non-GMO claims
  • HFMA guidelines for maximum nutrient supplement levels
  • Ingredients listing, foods & food supplements
  • Labelling statements relating to absence or reduced presence of gluten
  • Labelling of glucosamine containing food supplements
  • Labelling of food supplements providing phytosterols-phytostanols
  • Labelling requirements for six artificial colours
  • Mandatory & voluntary label statements & cautions, food supplements
  • MHRA final determination and urgent notices
  • Minimum font size EU Reg 1169/2011
  • Nutrient definitions for nutrition labelling
  • Nutrition labelling energy conversion factors
  • Nutrition Labelling for Food
  • Omission of certain ingredients from an ingredients list
  • Vitamin & mineral advisory statements for food supplements
  • Vitamin & mineral reference intakes (NRVs)
  • Vitamin A levels in food supplements
  • Vitamins, minerals & sources permitted in food supplements
  • Quantity marking
  • Herbs in the UK THR registrations
  • Cosmetic products
  • Access to information, EU UK legislation
  • Access to information, UK Legislation

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HFMA CLEAR CHECK is an accredited compliance service

Surrey and Buckinghamshire Trading Standards, who are the HFMA’s Primary Authority, have assessed the CLEAR CHECK service for its food standards support and concluded:

“… that their activities are organised to ensure … a high level of quality in compliance services which include: advice; checks on labels and advertising; and training.”
Furthermore, concluding:

“The quality level has been independently reviewed and in our opinion is likely to provide users of those services with a defence of ‘having taken all reasonable precations and exercised all due diligence’…”

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