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HFMA Mission

As the authoritative voice of the natural health industry, the HFMA supports the interests of its members with legislators and regulators; promotes industry best practice for product quality and safety; and provides responsible information for consumers.

HFMA - Representing Our Members & Industry

Much of the legislation relating to food supplements, herbal remedies and other natural health products now originates from the European Union. Intended to bring beneficial market harmonisation, such legislation often threatens disproportionate regulation and restriction of consumer choice and information.

It is the HFMA’s role to influence legislators, regulators and key opinion formers in maximising freedom of choice and access to safe, high quality natural health products and, in this task, we have become the most active Member State trade association in the EU.

The HFMA takes the lead in representing the views of the natural health products industry to key decision makers and influencers in both the UK and Europe. We have regular briefing and discussion meetings with the UK Government; MPs from all political parties; regulatory and enforcement agencies like the FSA (Food Standards Agency), MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), LACORS (Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services)) and the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority); the European Commission; MEPs; and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Careful planning helps us achieve our goals in the most effective way. In addition to our meetings and briefings, our issues often attract influential Parliamentary Questions, Motions, Adjournment Debates and lobbying by MPs and Peers and, in Europe, by MEPs. Where necessary, we seek expert legal advice and action or canvass media support. And we often work in tandem with other organisations – trade and consumer – that share complementary objectives.

In this way, the HFMA is truly The Voice of the Natural Health Industry.

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