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HFMA Mission

As the authoritative voice of the natural health industry, the HFMA supports the interests of its members with legislators and regulators; promotes industry best practice for product quality and safety; and provides responsible information for consumers.


This publication is produced two to three times a year by the CLEAR CHECK™ team to provide advice updates and comment on labelling and regulatory issues relating to foods, food supplements, herbal medicines, cosmetics and other areas of applicable legislation which may affect HFMA Members.

The current edition published in November 2016 is available to Members and contains the following topics:

  • HFMA Code of Advertising Update
  • Foods for Specific Groups Regulation
  • Health Claims Updates
  • Meal Replacements
  • Food Information Regulation Updates
  • Novel foods Updates
  • CAP Antioxidant Claims Guidance
  • ASA Activity
  • FakeMeds Campaign
  • MHRA Final Determinations - Volume 5

Click here to download a copy of CLEAR CHECK™ News April 2016 edition

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