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HFMA Mission

As the authoritative voice of the natural health industry, the HFMA supports the interests of its members with legislators and regulators; promotes industry best practice for product quality and safety; and provides responsible information for consumers.

CLEAR CHECKô Guidelines and Helpnotes

Guidelines and helpnotes are compiled by CLEAR CHECK™ and the Advisers of the HFMA as an aid to understanding the requirements of relevant legislation.

Current Guidelines Available to Non-Members include:


CLEAR CHECK™ Guidance Notes

Allergen labelling
Best practice standard for food supplements providing bacterial strains
Calculation of vitamins EC Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims
Composition of food supplements
Contaminants in food supplements
EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation
Flavourings, definitions, use of natural
Food additives categories, FIC Annex VII Part C
Food labelling
Food law definitions (selection)
Food supplements, claims
Food supplements ingredients listing & product information layout
Food supplements labelling
Foods for sportspeople
Foods with added vitamins, minerals & other substances
Free from claims
GM Free & non-GMO claims
HFMA guidelines for maximum nutrient supplement levels
Ingredients listing, foods & food supplements
Labelling statements relating to absence or reduced presence of gluten
Labelling of glucosamine containing food supplements
Labelling of food supplements providing phytosterols-phytostanols
Labelling requirements for six artificial colours
Mandatory & voluntary label statements & cautions, food supplements
Minimum font size EU Reg 1169/2011
Nutrient definitions for nutrition labelling
Nutrition labelling energy conversion factors
Nutrition Labelling for Food
Omission of certain ingredients from an ingredients list
Vitamin & mineral advisory statements for food supplements
Vitamin & mineral reference intakes (NRVs)
Vitamin A levels in food supplements
Vitamins, minerals & sources permitted in food supplements

Quantity marking

Herbs in the UK THR registrations 

Cosmetic products

Access to information, EU UK legislation
Access to information, UK Legislation
Access to information, useful web links

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